“The most extraodinary trip of my life..I rediscovered myself...This entire trip was beautifully packaged, every layer revealed a different perspective which each time was like a precious gift given to us." Eva Schade


Experience Being in the Spiritual Heart of India for 11 nights

Rewananda is a Community Yoga Enterprise. We welcome those of you who wish to make a Yoga Pilgrimage to a part of India known as Gupta Kashi, meaning secret place of Light.  

We are based in Maheshwar, a magical place situated along one of India's holiest Rivers, the Narmada. During your journey with us we also travel to the atmospheric island of OmKareshwar and to the stunning mystical Mandu situated in the Malwa Hills. All these places have been Ancient Pilgrim destinations long associated with the birth and renaissance of Yoga, Tantra and Spiritual Arts. This River and these lands hold a gentle power, and since time have supported Pilgrims to remember the essence of being human. Daily guided Yoga Meditations enable a peaceful presence to fully appreciate the beauty of what is available here and within you. The inclusive Yoga practices we share cultivate an experience of being heart aligned for all who embark on this Incredible Journey. We also invite teachers who wish to bring their groups here on Pilgrimage. 

We are partly an NGO aspiring to be sustainable through enriching and empowering ourselves and locals with Spiritual, Artistic and Holistic healthy community initiatives. Retreat guests will experience being part of an enterprise which provides for the good of the wider local community and environment. Your participation helps us to fund back into our Ashram, where we hold a free Arts School, Community Yoga Classes and other various educational programs for local people.





When you ask the people here in Maheshwar how they are feeling, they often reply 'Ananda' which means - I am in bliss. The possibility here is to open to your true nature: 'Sat cid Ananda' which translated means - true consciousness is bliss. On our Yoga Pilgrim Retreats, you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle with organic locally grown food, experience deep relaxation, meditation, yoga asana, dance, walking in nature, exploring temples, swimming in the river, excursions to sacred sites, taking a boat on the river at sunset, and learn to hold fire ceremonies.

Bliss is available here and through meditation in various forms we are able to tune into our hearts and bodies and align with the sacred vibe pulsing here in Maheshwar.


In Sanskrit the word is 'swast' which means well-being in all aspects of self. Our "Swast" is the foundation upon which we can live a fulfilled and happy life.


The possibility here is to experience deep peace amongst the contrasts and polarities of India. We cultivate a meditative mindful experience to access internal stillness and deep relaxation.  


Yoga means union. It is the self-communing with the whole. We teach various forms of Yoga techniques which are rooted in the ancient maps given by the Yogis of India.  


Experience being mindfull in nature. The River Narmada is a majestic enchanting presence here.


We offer a unique opportunity to access temples where we can immerse ourselves in Yoga, Dance and Chanting in beautiful spaces.

Yogic food

All our food is locally sourced from small scale tribal growers. We use traditional Indian recipes and modify them to be more enzyme, mineral, and vitamin rich. We aim to provide food which is divine in taste, healthy, nourishing and healing.

Sacred Sites

Sacred sites are places that have been historically used for ceremonies and self-enquiry. They tend to have a high concentration of Earth energy. Being receptive in Sacred sites enable us to receive whatever we need to remember to be more of who we truly are.

Music and dance

There is lots of opportunity to experience movement meditation sacred dance and music on our retreats. Local and visiting artists perform spiritual Arts often in the river temples and hold space for us too on our retreats.


Please, contact us if you would like to book a group or individual retreat.


for further information about upcoming retreat calender please press contact us

11 night Yoga Pilgrim Programme


11 nights accommodation in your own Double room on the Riverside

All Delicious vegetarian ayurvedic meals 

Daily Yoga (suitable for all levels) and Meditations in various forms

Guided excursions to Mandu, OmKareshwar and Sahastradhara 

Boat Trips  

Vedic Fire ceremonies

Indian Head massage

Evening concerts in various temple locations with live music

Feasts, Dancing

Massage, organic plant facials and hair treatments, (at additional cost) 


Total cost:

950 pounds for own riverside room

850 pounds for 2 people sharing a room 

*We also provide lower cost upon request and will therefore adjust accomodation options


"The programme was completley packed but it felt like the clocks stopped and I had all the time in the world to experience, to grow, to digest." Alenka Hirnerova



for further information about upcoming retreat calender please press contact us

A Typical Day in Maheshwar

7am: Witnessing Sunrise, Meditation on the River

7.30am - 9am: Morning Yoga

9.30am: Breakfast of fresh seasonal fruits, muesli, porridge, Yoghurt (vegan milk also available)

9.30am - 1pm: Free time

1- 2pm: Lunch of Local Traditional Vegetarian Food, with a variety of Salads and healthy deserts

2.15 - 3.30pm: Yoga Nidra - A guided deep Relaxation with live music

3.30 - 4pm: Tea time

4.30 - 7pm : A boat ride meditation on the River Narmada to witness the setting Sun with Yoga Practice at River Temple

7.30pm: Dinner 

for further information about upcoming retreat calender please press contact us

Shakti Dance® Retreat in India / Shakti Dance® came to Maheshwar, the spiritual heart of India

This retreat was a big success, if you are interested to join one of the future Shakti dance retreats, contact us below. 


26th Jan - 2th Feb 2019

This is an invitation for all those who love Shakti Dance and want to experience the empowering sensual spirit of the Goddess in the body. It is a rare opportunity to join together in the spiritual heart of India, in sacred celebration to weave, embody and awaken through this transformative goddess energy in ancient temples dedicated to the divine Mother.

Sangita Lakhanpal (NGO Rewananda) & Sara Avtar (Shakti Dance® Academy) are leading this retreat to the theme of Shakti TriDevi (Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali).


Retreat Details:

Place: Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh, India

Arrive: 25th January 2019

Retreat begins: 26 January

Retreat ends: 2nd February

Leave: 3rd February

*Extra optional guided tour with Sangita 3rd - 6th February 2019, leave 7th February



For all the details on costs and registration please visit shaktidanceacademy.com.


Book Early to ensure cheap flights!


Video: Sangita singing and Shakti Dancing in the retreat location, Maheshwar



“Sangita took us of the beaten track, you got to see untouched and special places."  Sharda Paul

Rewa Ananda invites you to one of the holiest rivers in India, the River Narmada. We are located in the ancient city of Maheshwar, where we can appreciate an India which is timeless, tranquil and at times vibrant. In this ambience of magic and beauty, we combine our self practice within the landscape and art of this environment. Maheshwar holds strong gentle spiritual currents which support us in our process of being fully present here.

Yoga in Maheshwar

Maheshwar is an ancient beautiful city located on the sacred River Narmada in the centre of India, known as the Heart of India. It is ideal for retreat as aspirants who come here need to be in a place of inner stillness to really experience the magical energy this place holds. It is a secret gem of India.

Architecture in Maheshwar

Maheshwar was the capital of Maratha Holkar dynasty during Queen Ahilyabai Holkar's rule in 18th century. She moved her capital from Indore and built this new city on the site of mythological 'Mahishmati' on the banks of holy Narmada River. The charm of Ahilya Fort is that you can enjoy the beauty here undisturbed as it's a throwback to a gentler era and pace of life.

Magic in Maheshwar

Maheshwar is full of beautiful temples, forts, river ghats and ancient shrines all held within the beauty of the River in her widest aspect, reflecting glorious open skyscapes. Maheshwar has a timeless charm that is rare now to find in India. We therefore feel blessed to invite you to experience authentic spiritual India via this unique opportunity.


OmKareshwar is an atmospheric bustling pilgrim town located on the River Narmada. During your stay with us we will take you on a moon lit ancient pilgrim walk around the island which is shaped like the symbol of Om.

Spiritual significance of OmKareshwar

OmKareshwar is one of the 12 sacred jyoti Linga sites in India. These are very important sites of a particular strong Earth energies located along the spine of India. It has a particular quality of energy to be experienced as we walk mindfully along this place of spiritual significance.

Magic of Mandu

As part of our Yoga Pilgrim Retreat we will visit an ancient citadel located in the Malwa Hills. Here amongst a stunning backdrop of rocky outcrops are the ruins of historical monuments of the Persian architecture.

Ancient Tantric Caves

In Mandu there are ancient caves where Yogis have meditated. In these sacred hidden places we will relax and meditate in silence or with music.


"I loved the local connection. You weren't in a bubble like in other retreats..here you feel like a person who lives in Maheshwar." Vinay Bharadwaj 

We are also a Yogic enterprise, an NGO aspiring to be sustainable through enriching and empowering ourselves and locals with Spiritual, Artistic and Holistic healthy community initiatives. Retreat guests will experience being part of an enterprise which provides for the good of the wider local community and environment. Your participation helps us to fund back into our Ashram, where we hold a free Arts School, Community Yoga Classes and other various educational programs for local people.  

Rewa Ananda is an NGO

Rewa Ananda is a Yogic enterprise and an NGO. We are largely invoved in Local Community Life, promoting and iniating good cause activities, such as a free arts school for childrren, free local yoga classes, we aspire to cultivate selfless service for the greater good. As a retreat guest you will be part of an enterprise which serves the wider community. Your funds will help us to run our ashram in which we empower local people, especially women, to teach and hold workshops and classes related to Healthy wellbeing and Spiritual Arts.

Conserving nature

We are deeply committed to doing everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment. We draw upon the wisdoms of the Elements and learn directly from nature by listening through being in Yoga meditation. This practice enables us to re-establish and remember our connection to the Earth. As this connection deepens, we naturally choose to preserve nature which we realize we are a part of.


Rewa Ananda school is a free Arts school. We have a team of teachers who hold classes in Classical Indian Music and Dance, Art and Craft, English and Yoga.
The classes are attended in main by girls who come from economically deprived backgrounds. The ethos for the school is to provide a community base for the Arts where all are welcome  to experience and learn together irrespective of caste, sex or economic circumstances. It is through the arts that we enrich and empower members of the community who would not normally have access to this possibility. We provide a safe earth based space on the banks of the River where we are recreating a place for Sacred Arts.
The school likewise sponsors local  female artists who have no opportunities to work to hold workshops and classes.
We also welcome guest teachers to run classes and workshops in the arts.


Glimpse of everyday life in Rewa Ananda


Your Guides


"Sangita, Kapil and Maheshwar are all beautiful beings offering love." Rachel Smart




Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Artist

Since 2000 after completing her training in Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Sangita has been dedicated to living and sharing Yoga. She started teaching in London where she held Yoga in Prisons, Drug rehabilitation Programs, Forensic Hospitals and schools. In 2010 she left London to become a Pilgrim on the River Narmada where she felt a calling to immerse fully and reconnect to the roots of Yoga and Tantra. Her experience returned her to Britain to live a more earth based spiritual life in which to further deepen her experience of the confluence of Shamanism and Yoga within sustainnable community. She founded Rewa-Ananda in 2016 as a way to create a new paradigm of an enterprise which serves the whole. She now holds transformational space for women and men who choose to expand their inner potential and to reconnect with the joy of pure being. Yoga, Dance sacred Song, and Sacred sites are the vehicles with which she uses to guide groups into embodied states of self realisation. Sangita now lives and teaches in Maheshwar and the UK.



Karma Yogi and Meditation Teacher

Kapil Shri is a yogi – a man whose passion spills into everything he encounters. With a keen mind and balanced by a heart that knows no boundary, his presence creates an extraordinary opportunity to break through limitations into one’s natural state of freedom, love and joy. Kapil has a unique ability to make the ancient yogic sciences relevant to contemporary minds and acts as a bridge to the deeper dimensions of life. From an early age Kapil has always been interested in spirituality, blame the holy vibes of Maheshwar. He started a project for preserving the environment at the age of seven and since then he has planted over 2000 trees in his hometown. Kapil has also initiated a river cleaning project and various environmental awareness schemes, he works with the local community to protect the Narmada River from pollution as well as preservation of temples. Kapil is also a co-founder of Rewananda free Arts school.  

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